What’s So Special About Hip Hop?

If you’re a fan of hip hop, you’ve probably wondered what’s so special about it. It all starts with teenage boys listening to rap music. It was these young people who helped make hip hop popular in mainstream America. Now, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the music from DJs and MCs to lyrics. And don’t forget to check out our free guide to DJs and Lyrics.


Hip hop is a musical genre rooted in the culture of urban black youth. It arose in the 1970s, during a period of American urban renewal. This period saw white middle-class migration to the suburbs, mass incarceration, and increasing inequality. Hip hop also became a mass commodity, as the American mainstream sought to diversify the economy by re-enforcing post-racial attitudes. However, racial inequalities still persist.


While rap music is often about the artist, DJs were often a crucial part of the process. DJs were the top dog when it came to hip-hop, digging through records crates and discovering breakbeats. Today, the role of DJs is a more multifaceted one than ever. Here are 48 great DJs in hip hop history. Which ones did you hear the most? Who were your favorite DJs?


In Hip Hop, the word ‘MC’ stands for’master of ceremonies’. During concerts, events and other gatherings, the MC introduces the deejay and the crowd, announces the next artist and pumps up the crowd. During songs, he performs rhymes with the beat of the song. This term came to refer to rappers as well. Some artists have been named after famous celebrities and political figures.


Good rappers know that great songs are composed of details and specifics from their life. Their verses are usually 8 to 16 bars long and are generally more lyrically dense than the chorus. In addition to this, they make their lyrics relatable to their audience. To make your own verses, follow these steps. Try to emulate the best rappers:

Vocal tone

There are many techniques for improving the vocal tone of hip-hop songs. You can use a de-esser to manage the unpleasant sibilance of your voice. Make sure you only clamp down on the worst offenders, and that the vocals retain some natural sibilance. To improve the vocal tone of hip-hop songs, you can experiment with parallel processing. In parallel processing, you will mix a dry signal with a wet one. You can do this either with a plug-in or by sending your vocal track to an auxiliary channel that contains one or more processors.


There are many different styles in hip hop. This type of dance is mostly gestural and interpretive, but sometimes involves pantomime. The name “liquid” refers to the fluid motion of the dancer’s body. Many styles of Hip Hop are influenced by African and Caribbean dance, but are unique in their own ways. Here are a few examples of different styles. Acrobatic hip movements and slow motion are common characteristics of this type of dance.


There are many positive and negative influences of hip hop on our society. However, this genre of music has made some of the most influential people in our history rich and powerful. The following essay discusses some of the positive and negative influences of hip hop on society, and looks at the cultural context of a specific ethnic group. The sociological impact of hip hop is one of its greatest strengths, and it is a genre of music that is rooted in real-world problems.