Superstore – Will-They-Or-Won’t-They Couples and Quirky Shenanigans

If you love quirky characters and quirky shenanigans, you should check out NBC’s Superstore. This is a character-driven comedy that tackles difficult subjects in an entertaining manner. It features a cast of will-they-or-won’t-they couples and unique shenanigans.

NBC’s Superstore is a character-driven comedy

Superstore is a character-driven workplace comedy starring Ben Feldman, Laura Ash, Mark McKinney, and America Ferrera. It’s set at a retail store called Cloud 9. And while it may not be as polarizing as The Office or Community, it still tackles tough issues with humor and honesty.

It’s also a show that doesn’t shy away from topics like race, class, and gender. In season five, the cast added an undocumented Filipino immigrant named Mateo (Nico Santos), who is working as an assistant manager at the store.

Even though there isn’t a laugh track, the show’s jokes are often hilarious. The characters are rounded and have unique voices, and their interactions have become very natural.

One of the things that sets Superstore apart from other workplace comedies is its focus on the social issues surrounding the workplace. Unlike other shows, it doesn’t pretend to fix problems, but instead explores the social aspects of labor and class.

The show tackles issues on a comedic level

Superstore is a comedy show that tackles real issues on a comedic level. While most television shows are afraid of real social issues, Superstore excels at it. The show features a wide range of characters and storylines that address issues like cultural appropriation, immigration, and workplace sexual harassment.

Unlike other network TV comedies, Superstore never feels self-conscious or didactic. Instead, the show relies on audience knowledge of its characters to make its stories funny. Rather than insert politics into the storyline, Superstore writers are careful to let the social issue emerge naturally.

Amy and Jonah, the two main protagonists, are played by America Ferrera and Ben Feldman. Their relationship is a mirror of Jim and Pam’s from The Office.

Mateo, the floor manager, is played by Nico Santos. He’s an undocumented Filipino immigrant. In a season four finale, Mateo is deported. His deportation is shocking to many viewers.

The show isn’t just about people who struggle to make ends meet

Taking a look at a recent study by Vice Magazine, they claim that 4 percent of workers age 25 and over are in the same boat. That’s a lot of people, especially considering they are in the workforce for a good portion of the year. Luckily for them, there are a variety of tools and techniques to help them navigate the tangled web. The best part is that they get to learn all along the way.

It is not the job that gets you a ring of rings, or, more accurately, a ring of rings. A plethora of services, including health insurance, food stamps and housing subsidies, are available to those who deserve them. While some of these are nice to have, others can be a drag on the wallet.

The show’s chemistry between will-they-or-won’t-they couples

The classic duos of television are the backbone of many of the best shows. These lovebirds cycle through breakups and declarations of affection before eventually settling into a steady, healthy relationship.

A “Will they or won’t they” romance is a classic television trope that is still widely used in modern shows. This means that one half of the couple may be romantically involved, and the other half may be disinclined to join them. But the “will they or won’t they” question is a universally appealing one that can be a catalyst for exciting moments in a television show.

One of the biggest drawbacks to a will they or won’t they storyline is the slow burn. It can be hard to watch a romance develop over several seasons, as viewers may not feel confident about the future of the relationship.

The show’s unique shenanigans

The workplace comedy Superstore is a solid show that’s filled with workplace shenanigans. It also uses its environment to its advantage.

While most sitcoms focus on a few main characters, Superstore has a lot of secondary players. These background players add a lot to the plot and make scenes work. They’re lovable and interesting.

One of the show’s best recurring characters is Jeff, the district manager of the store. He played a crucial role in the series’ evolution.

Other great characters include Amy, Dina and the outlet manager. Amy and Dina are thrilled with the new customers and their increased traffic. However, they quickly realize that not all of them are the good kind.

Another notable recurring character is Mateo, the undocumented man who’s trying to cover up his status. This guy is the joker of jokers.