Interstitial gags abound in Superstore, from the bride-to-be checking her dress for clashing colors to an absurdly long receipt with a container of Parmesan cheese. Another hilarious interlude involves a customer struggling to get out of a chair while gorging on candy to an attempt to taste-test a candle. All of these are classic examples of slapstick humor and make the movie feel fresh and funny.


The first episode of the NBC comedy series Superstore introduces the characters. Jonah Simms moves to St. Louis to work at Cloud 9 Store #1217, which is owned by a wealthy family. He meets Mateo on the same day, who initially turns out to be his rival before becoming his friend. The main characters of Superstore are the Simms family, the bosses, and the associates. All are likable, but the main focus of the show is on the characters’ growing relationships.

The characters of Superstore are memorable in their own ways. They add so much to the stories and scenes that they become their own mythologies. These complex characters are the hallmark of next-level storytelling and character development. While the story of Superstore revolved around two main characters, many secondary characters were also present. Some of these characters played a crucial role in the story. The main characters were the bosses of the store, but there were many more.


The storyline of Superstore is rooted in the themes of workplace diversity. While Jonah and Amy are the core characters, there are several other romances sprinkled throughout the series. While the show does not focus on the topic of sexuality, it is a reminder that many people are not comfortable discussing such issues openly. The storyline of Superstore focuses on relationships based on a genuine attraction or love, rather than boredom or social status.

The story follows the characters as they deal with the challenges of working at Cloud 9 store, a big-box, Walmart-like store in St. Louis, Missouri. Amy, who has been working there for 10 years, is an experienced floor supervisor who is upset about a situation in which Cloud 9 refuses to provide paid maternity leave for her pregnant co-worker Cheyenne. The executive team is forced to send a labor relations manager to the store to deal with the problem.


The GV Superstore is a new retailer that is slated to open in Greenwood Village, Colorado, near Littleton. This community is located just 30 miles from the Mile-High City. With over 16,000 square feet of space, the store will offer the lowest prices on hockey, lacrosse, and baseball/softball equipment. The company has plans to expand across the western United States, and this location will bring those great prices to the people of Colorado.

Though most of the Superstore filming takes place on sets, the pilot episode was shot at a real Kmart in Burbank, California. It was filmed in an actual store and stars Lauren Ash as assistant manager Dina. However, during the 16-day shoot, the store’s branding was changed from the usual white to a sky-like blue. While fans might have a hard time identifying the Kmart pricing stickers in real life, they may be able to spot them if they are familiar with the TV show.


The Cast of Superstore consists of an all-star cast of young women and men. Some of these actors are well known from other TV shows and movies. Some have voice roles in movies like Oath and The Mindy Project. Others have recurring roles in the show, including Johnny Pemberton, who played the husband of Cheyenne’s character. In addition to Superstore, some of these actors also appear in movies like Teen Cocktail, and the upcoming Netflix comedy show Maggie.

America Ferrera and Steve Carrell, who played the main roles on Superstore, quit the show early in the sixth season, and this prompted some fans to worry that the show wouldn’t last. Fortunately, the chemistry among the remaining cast members has kept the team together on screen. They’ve leaned into each other’s mannerisms and vibes, and their on-screen chemistry mirrors their off-screen bond.


As the final episode of Superstore airs, we’re going to discuss how the show did on Thursday night. While ratings aren’t the only metric that shows how well a show is doing, they’re still a good indicator. The higher the rating, the better the show’s chances of surviving on TV. Superstore ranked in the 0.7/2.5 range for its premiere night, with 2.8 million total viewers. In contrast, the finale of NBC’s Dateline pulled in just 3.1 million viewers, and a 0.41/18-49 demo rating.

While the Superstore rating might seem a little harsh, there are some good points to the show. It’s a good example of a comedic show that’s not so over-the-top. While it’s easy to identify some of the cliches and pitfalls, the overall show is surprisingly well-balanced. You’ll laugh one minute and then pause for a moment to think about what you just saw. Despite being a bit ridiculous, Superstore is still fun to watch and has likable characters.