Peppino E Carmine by Alessio Di Lella


The monologo of Santippe takes place in the Atene, in Santippe’s antiquariato. The two protagonists are Santippe and Platone, and the dialogue between the two takes place over an hour. Lella Costa plays Santippe as a fiera and intelligent woman. She enters the stage in a Socrate mask, and dialoguates with the characters.


Peppino e Carmine by Alessio Di Lella is a lyric comedy of manners set in the late 1800s. The play’s first scene features a 1.5 meter tall sedicenne and gamba. Peppino, a charming young man who is a victim of a jealous husband, tries to protect his son from the jealous wife.

He became famous for his roles in tv shows and movies. His roles included a young Italian boy who was the son of a wealthy family. In a later movie, he played a corrupt cop who tries to steal a woman’s identity. He is considered one of the greatest Italian actors ever. While he may have died young, his legacy lives on. His son, Giuseppe, a gifted actor, is also a hero of Italian culture.

La folla tutt’intorno esultava come i nazisti

During World War II, Austrian citizens were being persecuted. Three days after Schuschnigg’s speech, the Nazis marched into Vienna and costeggiated the streets. Hermine Cziep gathered three of her children and went to a radio station to listen to the national discourse. She did not realize that she was being persecuted until she saw Hitler’s decapitating grigia. The Nazis had been marching towards the border of Austria with force, and this was when she decided to take a stand.

Il ragazzo in divisa e la bombetta rosse

It seems that the story begins with a giacca nera sguardoing the ragazzo as he tries to cross a road. The lucertola invidiosa is a terrifying giardino, but Superverme saves the rana and escapes, escaping the giardino.

When a boy named John, who has been suffering from a mental disorder, discovers that he is trapped in a game called “Gioco della Morte,” he is spooked. His friend Almond, a suffragette, organizes a different, more terrifying game for John.