How to Use Private Browsers

If you share your computer with others, you should always use a private browser. Doing so will prevent your browsing history and data from being stored by other users. This is especially important if you want to browse on a public computer. Besides, you don’t want to share your gift ideas or your birthday party plans with others. Besides, you can protect yourself from identity theft as well as other online scams. Private browsers are also recommended for business use.

Tor Browser

You can set your personal privacy settings in the Tor Browser to keep your data safe. The security level of this browser is very high. The security level of the browser prevents attacks from using techniques like fingerprinting to figure out who is browsing. It also blocks various features that allow websites to track your activity. For example, the Tor Browser automatically disables JavaScript on all websites and makes audio and video click-to-play. This means that the information your browser sends to the websites you visit remains private.

Aloha Browser

The Aloha Browser is a good choice for privacy-conscious individuals. This browser uses a highly optimized manifestation engine and promises no tracking or pop-up ads. You can also browse anonymously, download media and play games online without fear of malware. You can download data files and play online casino games while maintaining your privacy. Aloha is free and compatible with mobile devices. This private browser can be downloaded from the official website.


To unsubscribe from Brave Private Browser, open the Mac App Store and sign in with your Apple ID. On the right side of the screen, click on “View Information” and sign in to your account. In the “Manage” section, click on “Brave Private Browser.” From here, you can select “Cancel Subscription” and follow the on-screen instructions. When the process is complete, Brave will automatically remove you from its mailing list.


The Iridium private browser is a secure and fast web browser. Its code base is based on Chromium and leverages that code for enhanced security features. It is a multi-platform browser available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. It also offers partial query support and a friendly user interface. It has several useful features, such as extensions and privacy controls. The browser also supports encryption and private browsing.


Vivaldi has a feature called the private browsing mode. It is available through the File menu, under the tab named New Private Window. By default, the private window closes to leave minimal disk data. Upon closing, it also removes the session data that all windows share. Vivaldi’s private browsing mode has many advantages, including preventing sites from saving your browsing activities. Read on to learn more.

Iridium uses a BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) website compensation system

BAT is a new form of digital advertising. It was created to cut out the middlemen, giving publishers and advertisers more control over the advertising process. The BAT system rewards website visitors for their time, and advertisers gain a better ROI through more accurate data. Currently, BAT works only with the Brave browser, but it is expected to be integrated into other browsers and apps in 2018.

Vivaldi has a built-in VPN

Despite its speed and streamlined design, Vivaldi’s built-in VPN isn’t the most robust tool. Although it comes with a few nice features, Vivaldi still lags behind Chrome and Opera in terms of overall performance. This is mainly because Chrome and Opera have more features, but Vivaldi’s speed is impressive. Vivaldi’s built-in VPN helps you protect your privacy while you browse the web. Moreover, it’s built-in with a QR code that is generated during the connection process.