How to Change Your Pokemon’s Nature in the Game

Pokemon is a media franchise based on the fictional creatures of the same name. It is owned and operated by The Pokémon Company, a joint venture between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri and began in 1996. The concept is based on a world in which players must catch and train Pokemon.

Pokemon stats

In Pokémon Go, you can see your Pokemon’s current stats and the changes they’ve made over time. Base stats are set by the species, but you can also change them using stat altering moves. Some moves alter two or more stages at a time, and others only alter one stage at a time. These changes will be displayed in the tables below.

Pokemon’s nature

In the main gaming series, Pokemon have different natures that affect their growth and abilities. The nature of each Pokemon affects its attack and defense stats, as well as special attack and defense stats. Pokemon can also be affected by the nature of their environment and speed.

Poke Balls

Poke Balls are essential items for Pokemon trainers. These small, round objects are used to capture wild Pokemon. They cannot be used to capture Pokemon that belong to another Trainer, or boss Pokemon. Depending on the type of Pokemon you are trying to catch, you may want to use a special type of Poke Ball.


The Items of Pokemon are weapons, items, and special moves that can be used by the player to enhance their Pokemon’s performance. These items help a Pokemon to perform better in battle and increase its HP. They also come in handy in specific scenarios and matchups. For example, a Held Item can be useful to channel last hits into an ally’s Attacker to get extra HP, or it can help a Pokemon get an early lane dominance advantage.

Poisoning a Pokemon

Poisoning a Pokemon is a simple strategy that can be used to defeat a Pokemon. Once the Pokemon is poisoned, it loses 1/16th of its HP for every turn. The poison damage is based on the Pokemon’s maximum hit points and is not dependent on the type or Level of the attacker. However, it is important to remember that Poisoning a Pokemon is not a viable strategy for overcoming multiple layers of defense.

Changing a Pokemon’s nature

Changing a Pokemon’s nature can be quite simple and can have a significant impact on competitive battles. In order to change the nature of your Pokemon, you must collect some Mints, which are very rare and can only be obtained by catching the Pokemon. Mints have different effects and can be found on Dexerto.

Poisoning a Pokemon with a Poke Ball

Poisoning a Pokemon with p-balls is possible by using Poison Point, Poison Touch, or Effect Spore. The latter two have a chance of 30 percent or more to poison Pokemon. Poisoning a Pokemon with these moves can paralyze it or put it to sleep. Poisoning a Pokemon using a Toxic Orb is almost guaranteed to harm the Pokemon. A Heal Ball will cure a Pokemon of Poison.

Changing a Pokemon’s nature with a Poke Ball

Changing a Pokemon’s nature can improve the Pokemon’s speed and special attack. This can be particularly beneficial during competitive battles as it can help a Pokemon take more hits and outspeed its opponents. This can be accomplished with the help of a Nature Mint, which will change the nature of the Pokemon to a specific type of mint.