Best Places to Buy Wine Online

If you are looking for a place to buy wine online, you have several options. Some of these options are Vivino, Wine Library, Last Bottle, Chambers Street Wines, and more. If you are interested in purchasing wine online, read this article for some tips to choose the best option for you. If you’re interested in buying a specific wine, look for a reputable online wine shop. Not only should you look for a reputable wine seller, but you should also look for a wine company that cares about its customers.


If you’re interested in discovering and purchasing new wines, try the Vivino app. It was originally an app that provided wine reviews and ratings, but has since grown to become a comprehensive resource that consumers can use to make wine purchases. Vivino offers several features, including Taste Characteristics, Match for You, and other options that make the wine-buying process easier and more convenient. To learn more, read our guide to Vivino.

The Vivino website allows you to scan the labels of various wines and compare their prices, ratings, and food pairings. The Wine List Scanner allows you to compare several different wine labels in just a few seconds. The site even offers a way to scan a restaurant’s wine list and select the best wine. You can also view detailed descriptions of each wine, including its average rating and price. Once you’ve found your favorite wine, you can keep track of it and compare its rating to that of other users.

Wine Library

You can find the perfect bottle of wine at the Wine Library’s online store. Wines are sold to specialty retailers and private individuals. Founded in Springfield, New Jersey, the wine retail company utilizes top trending technologies, such as APIs. To make your job search easier, try submitting anonymous resumes to job listings. You can also use Comparably to find out which jobs are open at the Wine Library. If you want to be considered for the job, check out the company’s 4.5-star quality score and learn more.

The Wine Library began selling wine online in 2005. It soon grew its digital audience by uploading videos every day to YouTube that helped sell wine. These videos became popular and accounted for as much as half of the company’s revenue. But then the New York State Liquor Authority sent a cease-and-desist letter, demanding the company stop shipping wine to the state. While this didn’t stop the wine retailer from selling wine online in New York, the company is facing lawsuits from both the federal and state authorities.

Last Bottle

Getting a new bottle of wine is an exciting prospect, but with a few caveats when buying it online. Buying wine online is a risky proposition, especially if you’re not sure about its quality. Luckily, Last Bottle makes the process as simple as possible, with shipping and returns that come with no questions asked. You can also buy a bottle and try it out for yourself by purchasing a minimum of three bottles.

While Last Bottle is very similar to WTSO, it does not have the same product turnover. They only offer one wine per day, whereas WTSO features a new wine every other day. Located in Napa Valley, they focus on California wines. Their customer service is excellent, and they offer referral credit. However, you should be aware of the fact that lastbottlewines does still use styrofoam to ship wine.

Chambers Street Wines

Wine enthusiasts will find a wide variety of wine from natural to small-batch vintages at Chambers Street Wines. Known for its knowledgeable staff, this Wine Shop offers a wide selection of California wines from small producers. The staff is eager to help you choose the perfect bottle of wine. Located on Chambers Street, the Wine Shop is located just a few blocks away from the downtown area. The Wine Shop is open seven days a week and has free parking.

Chambers Street Wines is a New York City wine store that sells wines from all over the world. Besides wines, the store carries spirits such as brandy, whiskey, scotch malts, rum, and gin. You can also buy Jack Daniel’s and Johnny Walker. The wine list here is extensive, and there is bound to be something that interests you. The wine shop also hosts special events and tastings throughout the year.


Aside from offering a wide variety of wines, FreshDirect also sells beer and other alcoholic beverages. They deliver to customers in several states, including New York, Philadelphia, and the District of Columbia. Founded in 2011, FreshDirect is a part of the Ahold Delhaize USA company and has 400,000 square feet of fulfillment space. The company serves select markets in seven states, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. FreshDirect also delivers to select areas outside of the delivery zone.

FreshDirect has been an online grocery delivery company for years and now offers wine and spirits as well. With a wide variety of wine and spirits, you can easily add these to your grocery cart or do your own wine shopping. They cover most basic wine categories and spirits, and even carry bitters and ready-to-drink cocktails. FreshDirect also offers a sixty-day free trial, so you can try the service out before you buy.