5 Types of Private Browsers

Among the different types of private browsers, Firefox is arguably the safest and easiest-to-use. Its privacy settings have been tweaked and security add-ons have been installed to protect your personal information. Firefox is also the safest browser for Internet users of all levels. If you want to use a dark web browser, however, you should use Tor. This browser is more secure, but requires a bit of advanced knowledge.

Microsoft Edge

When you want to browse the web privately, use Microsoft Edge. This new browser has a feature called InPrivate Browsing, which lets you browse in a dedicated window. In this mode, no website or tracker can view your browsing history. Microsoft Edge also deletes cookies and other data when you’re finished with a session. All of your browsing activity is deleted, including site data, cookies, and passwords. Even your internet service provider won’t know what you’re doing on their computers, as they can’t see your private browsing history.

InPrivate mode is another feature of Microsoft Edge, which prevents websites from saving your browsing information when you close the browser window. Unlike the Incognito mode in Google Chrome, this feature does not store your passwords or site data. You also won’t be able to see any download history or site data in an InPrivate window. This feature will help you protect your personal information if you share your device with others.


Before you download DuckDuckGo, you need to be on a waiting list. The company has not yet released a version for Mac users, but you can download the mobile app and confirm your waiting list entry in its settings. Once you’ve received your invitation, you can download the application and install it. Next, open the app by throwing it to begin installation. When the installation is complete, you’ll see a new window where you can open DuckDuckGo.

The search engine used by DuckDuckGo has its own search engine, but is still largely powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. However, due to an agreement with Microsoft, DuckDuckGo does not block certain scripts when browsing the internet. This means that some websites will still be able to track you even after you delete your cache. This goes against DuckDuckGo’s privacy claims, and undermines its main selling point.


While many privacy-focused browsers have features that make them ideal for a secure browsing experience, Vivaldi takes this privacy to a new level. While many browsers track your behavior, Vivaldi blocks trackers. Private Tabs, for example, keep your browsing history private. They don’t store your browsing history, cookies, or temporary files. A built-in Ad Blocker prevents tracking and privacy-invading ads. Using Vivaldi also stops third-party cookies. Its pop-up blocker and Ad Blocker makes your browsing experience faster and safer.

Vivaldi’s Tab Bar and Tab Switcher features make browsing a breeze, especially on larger screens. You can quickly access closed tabs or even find tabs on another device. Vivaldi is very customizable as well. You can customize its layout and add bookmarks as Speed Dials, and switch Search Engines on the fly. It also has customizable tabs and customizable layouts. While Vivaldi doesn’t support cellular data, it works on Wi-Fi.


The Iridium private browser is based on the open-source Chromium project, but with modifications to ensure privacy. It uses the latest secure technologies to protect your privacy. The browser’s builds are reproducible and auditable, and its developers make no compromises in security. While it’s not as widespread as other secure browsers, the Iridium browser has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Iridium prevents automatic transmission of keywords, partial inquiries, and metrics. It also only transmits them if you explicitly authorize it. By comparison, Google Chrome captures almost all of this information. Iridium’s developers took steps to ensure maximum privacy by loading “about: blank” in new tabs instead of search engine or promotions. However, they failed to report a safe browsing override. Therefore, we recommend that you install a different browser for your mobile device.